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ICE TYPE: Cube/Pearl

DIMENSIONS: 22.25" (565 mm) wide x 30.69" (779 mm) deep x 35.62" (905 mm) height

DAILY PRODUCTION: IOD150 Ice Only or Water/Ice Dispenser stores up to 150 lbs. (68 kg) of ice.

HZ: 60HZ

  • Product Information

    IOD150-Ice Only or Water/Ice Dispenser


    Ice-O-Matic’s Ice Only and Water and Ice Dispensers feature practical designs that make them durable, reliable and easy to operate. The Auto Rotate feature prevents ice from congealing. Direct Dispensing ensures the ice hits the glass and also prevents overflow and waste. Plus, a bigger dispensing area allows more clearance for larger containers. Quiet to operate, the dispensers are ideal for hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants and offices.

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