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Follett high-quality ice and water dispensers provide patient-preferred soft, chewable Chewblet® ice and offer industry-exclusive sanitary features.


Ice Transport

Make delivering ice quick, sanitary and less complex.


Ice Machines

Follett ice machines produce customer-preferred Chewblet ice in top mount and industry exclusive ice-through-a-tube configurations

Bin_IcePro_DB1000_Wbag_CMY copy.jpg

Bags are automatically blown open
and filled with a touch of a button.
Ice Pro accommodates most popular
bag sizes. Bag stand is easily removed
for filling carts or other containers
such as coolers.

BIN_SlopeFront_950-48_2 4C_0.png

Ice Storage

Follett's slope front ice storage bins is designed for convenience. The extra large door opening and low sill height provide maximum access to the bottom of the bin. 

UC Ref.png

Medical Refrigeration

Follett medical-grade refrigerators and freezers are distinctive in maintaining precise temperature control, making them ideal for use in the demanding healthcare environment.

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