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Atosa Display Cases

Atosa Countertop curved glass display cases come standard with stainless steel interior and exterior, with a elegant black frame.  All units have a defog feature to ensure glass stays clear for optimal viewing.  2 Rear sliding doors makes this easy for staff to load and unload product. LED Lighting showcases your product at its best.

Walk In Boxes

Simpson Wilson has well over 30 years of experience with Walk In refrigeration products. Our vast knowledge of this product makes us perfect to partner with for any application. We are there from start to finish, from the designing stages to the installation. We set the bar high with our own standards, designed to last and perform. Our standard is based on longevity & energy  efficiency.


Food service professionals understand the benefits of ozone as an additional cleaning tool, and safe organic solution. Ozone can replace traditional sanitizing agents such as chlorine, and provide other benefits in the washing and storage of food products.

The ActivTapp Commercial Series (ACS) operates with your faucet and sink. It automatically turns on when the water flows infusing ozone into your cold rinse water. Rinsing your food products with ozonated water adds another dimension of safety to your food preparation process.

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