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SKU: 160-52822

The QTSX-2PG is a dual-cartridge water treatment system with two 15” Qwik-Twist cartridges, that reduces sediment down to 0.5 microns, and reduces chlorine, taste & odor at a flow rate of 1.0 gpm for a minimum of 22,500-gallons. The system includes a ScaleX2 cartridge that incorporates a chemical-free scale inhibition technology that utilizes template-induced crystallization to effectively inhibit the formation of calcium carbonate scale. A pressure gauge kit is included.

  • Product Information

    COFFEE & TEA – Applications up to 1.0 gpm where water hardness is a problem.

    BOILER-BASED STEAM GENERATORS – Applications up to 1.0 gpm where water hardness and chlorine are a problem.

  • Replacement Cartridge(s)

    300-05830 – CTO-Q (1 required)

    300-05860 – SCLX2-Q (1 required)

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