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SKU: MFI1256


DIMENSIONS: 21" (533 mm) wide x 24" (610 mm) deep x 27" (686 mm) height

DAILY PRODUCTION: MFI1256/1255 Modular Ice Maker produces up to 1,149 lbs. (521 kg) per day.

HZ: 50HZ|60HZ

CONDENSER TYPE: Air Cooled|Water Cooled

  • Product Information

    MFI1256-Flake Ice Maker


    Ice-O-Matic Self-Contained Flake Ice Makers offer a variety of practical, reliable options for carefree operation. Each machine offers a built-in insulated storage bin for maximum ice preservation. Constructed for tight space restrictions and low height requirements, Ice-O-Matic Flake Ice Makers produce slow-melting quality ice.

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