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SKU: CD40030


DIMENSIONS: 30" (762 mm) wide x 33.5” (851 mm) deep x 53.25” (1,353 mm) height

DAILY PRODUCTION: CD40030/40530 Cube Ice Dispenser stores up to 180 lbs. (82 kg) of ice.

HZ: 50HZ|60HZ

  • Product Information

    CD40030-Cube Ice Dispenser


    These reliable, practical hotel ice machines are designed for carefree operation even in rugged, high-usage environments. Our hotel ice dispensers have fingerprint-proof dispensing areas and oversized sinks to accommodate almost any size ice bucket. In addition, they dispense ¼ lb. of cube ice per second, allow access for easy cleaning and provide maximum ice storage in a minimum amount of space.

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