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Vollrath Series 4 Countertop Induction Ranges

Vollrath's newest addition to their induction lineup is the 4 Series Countertop Induction Range. This specific unit is unique to other induction ranges because of its expanded magnetic field which allows the user to lift and tilt their induction ready pan making it feel like you're cooking on gas.

Dial in your exact temperature with an easy to use slider control or customize up to 4 programs into the unit to achieve repeatable results.

Saving you time and energy, you can reach a boiling temperature up to 28% faster than gas ranges.

We tested it out in our very own test kitchen with crêpes. A video will be posted soon to demonstrate how easy it is to use.

Book an appointment today to test it out for yourself! Our test kitchen is open Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Simply call our office to make an appointment.

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