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Vollrath Induction soup warmer

The Vollrath countertop induction soup warmer makes it easier than ever to heat and serve food at safe temperatures. Eliminate water, no filling and refilling, no scaling, dripping on counters and no drains! The induction insert (comes with the unit) ensures faster heating times and better temperature control. Easy to use controls include 4 convenient pre-set settings in either F or C and is specifically designed to take your product from frozen state to serving in less than 90 minutes. Immediate start up and no pre-heating since the induction heats the inset directly. Three built in sensors monitor food temperatures and an indicator light notifies the operator when the contents need to be stirred, helping to evenly distribute the heat and prevent product from burning.

This unit also reduces energy costs with low amp draw (250W warmers are 120V and 2.1 amps and the 800W rethermalizers are 120V and 6.7 amps). Comes in 7 or 11 quarts in either natural (silver) or red.

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